Your 2016 marketing plan reviewed in a day!

"Rene gave some great insight and real clarity to the planning already in place." Head of Marketing, technology company, 2015   Are you solely responsible for managing your marketing spend?   Would it help to have a business marketing expert with fresh perspective to bounce your plan off against? (To sense check that you are doing the right things?)   It is commonly understood that 50% of marketing works and 50% doesn't, how can you be sure you're investing in the right things?   By investing in a ONE DAY marketing plan review meeting with Vision B2B:
  1. Have a third-party, independent eye advise on the focus and content of your activity
  2. Follow a structured eight hour approach designed to ensure your marketing plan meets the needs of the business, and it's customers
  3. Ask critical 'Devil's advocate' questions about customers, competitors, your products and the market
  4. Counsel on how you are telling and selling the story of your expertise and your reason for being
  5. Critique your marketing plan with a view to creating an 'inbound marketing' led approach - where customers contact you, not the other way around
  6. A highly practical session that serves as a safe and cost effective entry point to Vision B2B's marketing consultancy offer.
You don't have to do it on your own. Tap into 20 years of international marketing expertise and align your business goals with your customers to package and present your expertise in a way that meets their needs. For availability and prices, please use the form on this page. Safeguard this year's investment with a Marketing Plan Review session with Vision B2B today.
*This offer product assumes there is a marketing plan and a budget already in place.